Saturday, 10 September 2011

Movies Seen: Moon, Sunshine

A couple of British Sc-fi films I saw last year but didn't really feel like writing about till now.

Moon (2009)

Gotta love Sam Rockwell. The man is a brilliant actor. Like Paul Giamatti, he's a pleasure to watch, in any film. And unlike his other films, where he plays supporting roles, this one is all him.

A man living and working alone on a lunar base discovers something 'unusual' about himself.

Though the film does derive some of its story from ideas seen in previous sci-fi ones, it comprises enough good storytelling and acting to keep you entertained.

Highly recommended.

Sunshine (2007)

Not among the best sci-fi films I've seen, but good enough. A vey entertaining watch.

A group of scientists on their way to detonate a bomb on the sun, find that things are going wrong.

The film seems separated into 2 halves, the first one being a drama, and the next one being a murder-suspense-action-thriller, which doesn't say much for narrative perfection, but Danny Boyle sure knows how to keep us viewers gripped.

That, and Cillian Murphy's performance, make this a very good film. Recommended.


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