Thursday, 8 September 2011

Mumbai Foods to Avoid

There are a few food options in this city I wouldn't revisit.

1. The mango milkshake at Lucky. Just tastes wrong.

2. The snacks at Ribbons and Balloons. Stick to the desserts.

3. The sizzlers at Gondola. They cost Rs.400+ each and I've had better for cheaper.

4. The rolls at Mini Punjab. Rs.140 for an average-sized average-tasting roll. Not value for money, compared to the more delicious, more substantial rolls, at Hanglas & Sigdi nearby.

5. The food at Mughal Sarai is good but avoid if you don't like a cheese overdose. 

6. Most food at Candies. Extremely overpriced. Rs.30 for a tiny chicken lollipop? You've got to be kidding! I can get better ones at Kalpana for Rs.12. Stick to the desserts.

7. The Bheja masala at Sarvi. I've had way better.

8. The onion rings at Harbour View, Colaba.

9. The chocolate milkshake at Badshah, Crawford market. Stick to the Falooda.

Expect additions.


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