Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Movies Seen Recently - Sucker Punch, Marijuana Inc., The Real Face of Jesus, Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden?

Difficult to critique this film. It's repetitive yet not entirely boring. 

A story within a story within a story. One of the best opening sequences ever. Excellent music. A good set-up for the rest of the film, which meanders along, till that first breathtaking action sequence.

By the time the second one comes along, you know what to expect, you recognise the narrative pattern, and you're waiting too see how it's going to end, rather than wait through the story itself. Only a die hard action buff would really stay focused from this mid point in the film.

Not that the action sequences are second rate. They are among the best I've ever seen. But there's only so much slick action you can take, and since it's all imagination, there's not much emotional attachment to it anyhow.

Which ultimately brings the film down, until the very end. Excellent music, action, and special effects. Overall, an average watch.

A multi perspective documentary on the prevalence of marijuana in the US. Timepass.

A History Channel documentary on the shroud of Turin. Full of unexplored gaps and a little too much drama. I learnt nothing new.

A good introduction for someone new to the topic, perhaps.

From Morgan Spurlock, the same guy who gave us Super Size Me, this is a very entertaining documentary.

Spurlock travels to a number of countries with majority Muslim populations, and like the host of a travel show, points out interesting things around him. He also interviews people on the streets, his most common question being where he can find Osama.

What he learns is that most people in these countries are just like him, and there are larger problems to worry about than Osama, as finding him won't change anything.

This documentary isn't one of those informative intelligent ones. It's documentary making with an agenda. Of course, what documentary isn't? You don't really learn anything new, and are simply presented with a conclusion you knew all along.

But it's made well, the host is likable; the music, graphics & editing keep you engrossed in what's happening, and it's always nice to see normal people talk about something you're interested in, offering varying perspectives.


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