Thursday, 22 September 2011

Movies Seen Recently - Elektra Luxx, Get Thrashed, Mad Max 2, The Science of Sex Appeal, World's Deadliest Animals, Madagascar 2

Avoid. A star cast couldn't save this film.

A good watch if you'd like to know about the history of, and major players in, thrash metal.

Surprisingly better than the first film, IMO. Extremely entertaining. Especially the long chase sequence at the end. No idea how many films this film influenced. Recommended.

The Science of Sex Appeal (2009)

A well-structured documentary, with apt demonstrations to educate viewers about the different factors involved in attraction. I like documentaries that are both educational and entertaining, and this is both. Recommended.

World's Deadliest Animals: Asia: Land of Extremes & Africa (2008)

Nat Geo documentaries. Kind of boring. Nothing new to learn. A few visuals of a selection of dangerous creatures, stitched together with some generic irritating commentary.

Nature documentary. Not bad. A bit dated. Good for kids.

Again, I'm surprised at how good some sequels can be. This one was quick, witty, and hilarious, matching if not exceeding the original. Excellent pop culture references, my favourites being the Gremlins and Statue of Liberty bits. Highly recommended.


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