Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Movies Seen Recently - Thor, Zeitgeist: The Movie, 500 Days of Summer, Stripper Academy

Thor (2011)

One of the better superhero movies made recently.

Kenneth Branagh lived up to expectations, delivering a film with an epic feel, tight editing, good VFX, decidedly good storytelling, infused with appropriate humour, and supported by a good cast.

A grand success for someone who's more used to making Shakespearean themed films. And Tom Hiddlestone as Loki is probably one of the best casting decisions made so far this year.

The film begins on a boring note, with abstract visualisations and news clips seemingly continuing forever.

Then comes 'Part 1 - The Greatest Story Ever Told', about the story of Jesus being a myth, derived from other religions. It seems like the film makers only selected facts that supported their theories and left out a number of other facts that constituted important evidence contradicting them.

'Part 2 - All the World's a Stage', discusses 9/11 being an inside job, but using only anecdotal evidence.

'Part 3 - Don't Mind the Men behind the Curtain', discusses how wars are instigated by a select few individuals only for economic gain, and that everything is leading to a one-world government.

The film does make factual references but they're few and far between and taken out of context. That, and the slick editing and music score, makes it seem misleading.

Bittersweet romantic drama. One of the better ones to come out of America recently. Doesn't resort to cuteness, cliches or over-the-top devices to gain attention.

Highly recommended.

Stripper Academy (2007)



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